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23 May

“… The observer watched as the master chef, Chef Tell, churned out 40 omelets at a mind-boggling clip.  Loading three large pans at once, while an assistant brought out nine plates at a time from the hot locker, Tell shook the pans sideways, sending the egg mixture skittering over the 1400-degree surface flames.

“Three slight flips of his wrist curled one edge over… another flip and the fluffy omelet fell onto the prepared hot plate, two more close behind.

“His flow never stopped until all 40 finished omelet plates were garnished and spirited away from the kitchen.

“’13 minutes and 55 seconds… 40 omelets… S***!  That’s why my short-wave handle is ‘Short Order One!’ Cooked to order,’ said Tell, wiping the heat from his brow.”

(excerpted from the upcoming biography by Ronald Joseph Kule, forewords by Regis Philbin and Chef Walter Staib.)

© 2013 by KuleBooks LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Master Chef Reveals a Big Mistake!

13 May

Back when Friedemann Paul Erhardt was a lowly apprentice in the German trade apprenticeship program, he was merely 13 1/2 years of age and naive. The morning that his instructor told him to “boil a pot of potatoes,” he turned up the heat on a pot full of potatoes, and within minutes the kitchen filled with smoke!  The executive chef in charge got into the hapless boy’s face in a hurry, yelling even as his boot hit the lad’s behind — “hitting me where it hurts,” as Erhardt later put it.

No one had told him to put water in the pot with the potatoes!

Erhardt survived his apprenticeship failures, however, and graduated as the youngest Master Chef in German history to his time in 1970. He went on to captain the West German team to a gold Medal win in that year’s Cooking Olympics and also won a personal Gold Medal in another competition that year. He was named “German Chef of the Year.”

But the “rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey might have described it, is that Friedemann Paul Erhardt emigrated to America two years later and became Chef Tell, America’s pioneer television showman chef.  His 40 million-strong, Baby Boomer, TV fan base reveled in his recipes, cooking instructions and demonstrations and the jovial personality that, at times, made for non-stop jokes and entertaining TV.

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