Ketchup and Anchovies?

5 Jul

I’m feeling like fireworks and Heinz Ketchup* today, the 5th of July.

Of course, we celebrated our nation’s freedom yesterday, and there were fireworks on display across the nation. But today we are 57 days away from the release of the late CHEF TELL’s biography. He was America’s pioneer TV showman chef… America’s first “rock-star” TV chef.

Having written the book — forewords by TV hosts Regis Philbin and Chef Walter Staib — I can tell you it is a timeless tale of one man’s overcoming odds and obstacles toward his cherished goal, which makes it a fascinating life-lessons book for anyone, teens and older. Baby Boomers will really love it… 40 million of them were his fans in the 1970s and 80s!

Chef Tell loved to play with food, and he told his audiences the same thing, which Julia Child mimicked years later. Actually, at times, he recommended plain ketchup on salads with anchovies.

*Heinz Ketchup: “57 Varieties”… the story behind the slogan:

Heinz 57 varieties, one of America's best-known ad slogans

Heinz 57 varieties, one of America’s best-known ad slogans

“The number 57 has mystical significance to the Heinz company, but it has never had much to do with reality. The slogan was invented by the company’s founder, Henry J. Heinz, during a ride on the New York elevated in 1892. While he was reading the car cards on the ceiling, Heinz’s eye alighted on the slogan “21 styles of shoes.” To pedestrian minds such as our own this probably doesn’t sound like one of your killer advertising mottoes, but that’s why we’re not millionaire ketchup barons. Heinz could recognize genius when he saw it. Cogitating briefly, he conceived the immortal words “57 varieties,” and immediately hopped off the the train and set about plastering the nation with the now-famous pickle-plus-number logo.” (source:

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