New Book releases

31 Jul

Syndicated television was breaking out like a rash all over America in the 1970’s, and Baby Boomers were tuning in to watch segments on TV shows like Evening Magazine and P. M. Magazine.

America in that time got its first look at a beefy, brash, but lovable German-American chef who talked fast, told jokes fast and taught home cooking tips in 90 seconds… how to make food taste good: CHEF TELL, America’s Pioneer TV Showman Chef.

No one had ever seen anyone like Tell, because no other chef had blazed the trail ahead of him. Chef Tell was the pioneer.

Within months, 40 million Baby Boomers were among his fan base, imitating his phrases, which were fast becoming as famous as the chef himself, “You do like this, do like that…” “Very nice, very easy…” and his promising sign -off, “I SEE YOU!”

The Boomers never knew “the rest of the story” until now.

On October 1st, Skyhorse Publishing of New York City, will release the new book CHEF TELL The Biography of America’s Pioneer TV Showman Chef, written by Ronald Joseph Kule, forewords by Emmy-winning, TV hosts, Regis Philbin and Chef Walter Staib (PBS’s TV series A Taste of History).

The new book includes text, photos, new recipes and DVD offers.

“Chef Tell made cooking on TV the new frontier.  He did it with humor, a thick German accent and was rather bossy.  ‘Let me show you how to cook this,’ he would say.  He showed, we learned, we laughed. I am honored to be a part of the book!”Jan Yanehiro, First Co-Host, Evening Magazine, San Francisco.

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