Master Chef Book a Hit with Baby Boomers

19 Oct

CHEF TELL The Biography of America’s Pioneer TV Showman Chef, the latest book from author Ronald Joseph Kule, with forewords written by TV hosts Regis Philbin and Chef Walter Staib, is making waves at book-signing events, in bookstores and online.

On October 5th, a standing-room-only crowd gathered at Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Clearwater, Florida and listened to the author read a passage from the book and then later had him sign their purchased copies.  On October 12th, another well-attended book signing occurred at Chef Fred Duerr’s Rising Sun Inn in Telford, Pennsylvania. (Chef Fred was Chef Tell’s long-time protege.) Former staff members, friends and followers reminisced with the author about the famed chef who was also a best-selling cookbook author.

“My dad, who is 99 and has the mind of a 25 year old, reads one to two books a week. I bought him Chef Tell’s biography, and he could not put it down. He said, ‘It is outstanding,’ and ‘… the author is a very gifted writer.’ My Dad knew Chef Tell and was always invited to Tell’s fourth of July parties. Tell enjoyed talking with my Dad, who is of Austrian heritage. He grew up in the coal region till he went to World War II, 1941 through 1945, and then, later, was posted in Korea.”

The biography, written by the subject’s brother-in-law, an internationally published author and poet, covers the ups and downs of the public and private lives of one of America’s most-watched television chefs — certainly the most popular of his time with a regular fan base of 40,000,000 Baby Boomers.  The timeless tale speaks to Tell’s overcoming of many obstacles along his trail-blazing, improbable path and journey to stardom.  More than that, this book offers NEW Chef Tell recipes that readers can cook up and enjoy.  There is even a DVD offer for Chef Tell show segments that until now remained unseen by the public and his fans.

Every book sold contributes to worldwide awareness of cooking basics and assistance in disaster areas, since the author has pledged a percentage of his royalties toward IRON CHEF CAT CORA’s 501 (3) (c) non-profit organization, Chefs for Humanity, which is committed to “promoting nutrition education, hunger relief, and emergency and humanitarian aid to reduce hunger worldwide.”

The hard-cover book is universally available and at 452 pages with 70 photos, new recipes and other insights, makes a wonderful Holiday gift for food lovers and home cooks. Also available are eBook and Audiobook editions. Published by Skyhorse Publishing (NYC).

The author is available for TV and radio appearances on request through his publisher’s publicist, Lauren Burnstein, and direct through

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