26 Oct


Emmy-winning TV host extraordinaire, Regis Philbin, wrote about his friend CHEF TELL,

“Tell started all this television madness about TV chefs… Of course, today’s TV chefs owe him a debt of gratitude, he was the first. He could cook and talk at the same time.”  — Regis Philbin

The official book about Chef Tell’s life is CHEF TELL THE BIOGRAPHY OF AMERICA’S PIONEER TV SHOWMAN CHEFauthored by Ronald Joseph Kule and published by Skyhorse Publishing of NYC. It is available online in Hardcover, eBook and AudioBook formats.  At over 452 pages with 110,000+ words, 70 photographs, and never-before-published recipes for a grand, seven-course dinner, the book is a keepsake for generations to read and enjoy.

40,000,000 Baby Boomers, Tell’s fan base, never knew the obstacles he overcame to make his dreams come true… until this book came out in 2012. Now, there will be a trailer meant to promote and land a TV Documentary and/or Feature Film production based on the book.

Here (above) is an excerpt from the forthcoming trailer.

* * *

Ronald Joseph Kule is an internationally published author/biographer/ghostwriter with an impressive array of books in multiple genres available online.

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